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The Chaya Podcast

The Chaya Podcast is a sacred platform where Jewish Iranian change makers turn taboo topics into transformational opportunities for our community. The intention of this podcast is to support our listeners’ evolution by challenging the rules our community taught us to buy into for “the best life.” We invite you to decide from a more conscious place which practices you want to keep, which ones you want to let go of, and how you can own those decisions and ultimately thrive in more fulfilling and authentic life.


WTF is Chaya?

What is The Chaya Podcast? Why and how was it started? How can we begin to get more conscious as a Jewish Iranian community about which traditions we want to let go and which ones we want to keep?


What Makes a Couple, a Power Couple?

What makes a couple, a POWER couple?  What are their challenges? How do they make it work? What if the women is the more significant character in couplehood? What if the man is? And how do these couples define marriage?

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Concealed to Revealed: The Journey to Becoming Your Authentic Self

 In this episode, Esther Amini talks about her book, Concealed, her journey towards being fully seen + how to get past the fear of losing our relationships when we become who we actually want to be. 


Dr. Zokaeem talks about patterns she’s noticed in how collectivistic backgrounds relate to disability and how to change our relationship to it so that we are more kind, more inclusive, and more integrated as a community.


Dr. Danny Niku MD talks about the importance of our generation taking control of our sexual health, how to pick a doctor that will hold the space for you, what type of birth control options are out there, and how to talk to your partner about getting tested for STI’s.


Nicole Nowparvar interviews Mastaneh Moghadam, a cultural expert and psychotherapist, to answer the questions: What are some of the biggest stigmatized topics in our community today and why is that so? Should our traditions be serving us or should we be serving them? 

Shame and Sexual Health

Taking The Diss Out of Disability

What Makes Something Taboo?


 Shady Zarnegin Rx and Dr. Ellen Goldstein MD talk on how to break the stigma around fertility in our culture for both men and women. We also dive into common experiences we have when freezing eggs, how to improve our fertility, and show up for ourselves or someone who is considering the egg freezing procedure.


How would you describe your identity? What parts of your identity shine in different environments? How can we accept the parts of our identity we are ashamed of? How does identity change? What’s the difference between your identity, soul, and reputation?


Kevin Noparvar talks about being an outsider, being bullied and how he transformed into a leader.  What does adult bullying look like in the Jewish Iranian Community? How does it damage us? How can one rise above bullying and go from a victim to a victor?

Fertile AF

Image Vs. Identity

From Outsider to Leader: A Conversation on Bullying

Hava Bolour Rahimian, LMFT on Instagram

Hava Rahimian talks about trends in Jewish Iranians when dating for marriage. Hava shares secrets on how to get clarity on whether the person you’re dating is your future spouse. We explain the difference between getting married and having a marriage and highlight common blindspots we miss when dating for marriage. We answer questions about what to do if you are single or in a relationship looking to have a marriage? 


Tabby Refael talks about her viral article that addresses the taboo topic of depression in the Jewish Iranian community. As a community, what did we gain by moving to America and what did we lose? How can we speak to our parents about mental health issues? How to think about mental illness when dating? How to navigate mental health issues if you’re still living at home with your parents?


Nicole Nowparvar interviews Arjang Zendedehl of Dreamality on what the seven blocks to attracting your mate are. They also talk about blindspots when dating in the Persian Jewish community and how to think about loneliness or frustration with the dating process in a new way. 

Getting Married Vs. Being Married

Resilience, Depression, and Baldness: Deep Thoughts on Very Persian Struggles

How to Attract the Love of Your Life


Farah Shamolian, co-founder of Chaya Community, interviews Sam Yebri of 30 Years After on leadership. Some questions we answer are, what is leadership + what qualities define a good leader? How can we be leaders in small and big ways? What’s the gap in leadership in the Jewish Iranian community and what is the vision for our future leaders?

Screen Shot 2020-11-05 at 10.43.52

Ashley Zarah, singer and song writer, talks about her new album: Better Mess. Nicole and Zarah dive in about the gains and losses of following your creative passion as a Persian Jew. They also explore the deeper meaning behind Zarah’s album covering topics on codependency, sexual assault, authenticity, gossip vs. truth. And ultimately, speak of the healing power of music. 


Nicole Nowparvar LCSW interviews April Wright LMFT on SEX! They cover questions on: how much we should know about our partner’s sexual history, how to communicate your desires in the bedroom, how to sexually explore your own body, myths and truths around sex, what makes a cheater, a cheater!

Hubris and Humility = Leadership

How Music Can Heal Us All

How to get the Community out of the Bedroom

Arya Headshot.jpg

Nicole interviews Arya Marvazy of JQ International on his story to owning his sexuality. Arya and Nicole also discuss how to reveal closeted parts of themselves, whether sexuality is fluid or fixed, and the difference between a supporter vs an ally.


Nicole interviews Beit T'shuvah's Rabbi Joseph Shamash and Danny. They discuss what t’shuvah is, how  Persian Jewish culture relates to addiction, the difference between addiction vs. experimentation, and how to help a loved one through addiction.

Screen Shot 2021-01-19 at 7.01.09 PM (1)

Nicole interviews career expert, Ashley Stahl, on how to find career clarity and remove limiting beliefs around your money mindset. We walk about: finding your purpose, how to have more impact in your career, uncovering Jewish Iranian struggles around career, common limiting beliefs about money that keep us stuck, and how to set up a support system around your career.

Coming out of the Closet + LGBTQ Allyship

A Jewish Take on Addiction

Career Clarity & Money Mindset

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