The Chaya Podcast is a sacred platform where Jewish Iranian change makers turn taboo topics into transformational opportunities for our community. The intention of this podcast is to support our listeners’ evolution by challenging the rules our community taught us to buy into for “the best life.” We invite you to decide from a more conscious place which practices you want to keep, which ones you want to let go of, and how you can own those decisions and ultimately thrive in more fulfilling and authentic life

 Episode 0: WTF is Chaya?

Welcome! What is The Chaya Podcast? Why and how was it started? How can we begin to get more conscious as a Jewish Iranian community about which traditions we want to let go and which ones we want to keep? How can we step our of shame when we diverge from the norm and instead be celebrated for our differences? Who are the inspiring Jewish Iranian leaders and change-makers of today that we can learn from along the way? Episode 0 is all about our background and our intentions. See you on the other side!

Episode 1: What Makes A Couple, a Power Couple?

Nicole Nowparvar interviews Angella M. Nazarian on her latest book- Creative Couples: Collaborations That Changed History. What makes a couple, a POWER couple?  What are their challenges? How do they make it work? What if the women is the more significant character in couplehood? What if the man is? And how do these couples define marriage? Angella shares what she finds to be strengths and setbacks in Persian Jewish couples and how she broke a couple rules along the way to step into her own power as well.

Episode 2: Concealed to Revealed: The Journey to Becoming Your Authentic Self

What parts of yourself do you conceal from your community, your family, and even yourself? In this episode, Esther Amini talks about her book, Concealed, her journey towards being fully seen + how to get past the fear of losing our relationships when we become who we actually want to be.

Episode 3: Taking The Diss Out of Disability 

In this episode, Nicole Nowparvar interviews Dr.Nicole Zokaeem on her experience with being differently-abled in a community that stigmatizes disabilities. Dr. Zokaeem talks about patterns she’s noticed in how collectivistic backgrounds relate to disability and how to change our relationship to it so that we are more kind, more inclusive, and more integrated as a community. 

Episode 4: Shame and Sexual Health 

Dr. Danny Niku MD and Nicole Nowparvar talk about the importance of our generation taking control of our sexual health, how to pick a doctor that will hold the space for you, what type of birth control options are out there, how to talk to your partner about getting tested for STI's, and how loud we can scream the taboo word, "penis!" 

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